We are all surrounded by energetic fields. These etheric bodies hold all the imprints of our emotional, mental and karmic processes. By scanning these fields, it is possible to see the journey of our soul, our blind spots and the mastery acquired on our journey.

During a session, Meir uses Soul Scanning and tunes into your energetic fields to see what is happening at that particular moment in time. After scanning the energetic fields, he uses the modalities explained below (InnerSpeak, Seven Gateways, Cosmic Energy, Sacred Activations) to address the issues.

Together with his spiritual guides, he holds a safe and supportive space for the client to shift his/her own energy. During a session, he helps the client remember who they are and use their own power to access a higher level of consciousness. Sometimes the spiritual guides deliver specific messages to support the journey and Meir conveys these to the client.

Inner Speak ©

InnerSpeak has been developed by Jean Adrienne with the guidance of Archangel Michael and his team. It is a comprehensive modality to assist you in clearing away the baggage and old programming that holds you back from having everything you desire. Some of the issues you deal with are related to karmic debt and past life trauma. Some old programs come from your ancestors, and some from this life. InnerSpeak goes to the source of the block and clears it there and backwards and forwards through time – once and for all!

Seven Gateways

7 Gateways modality has been developed by Aleya Dao, after her enlightenment experience. Basically, they are the qualities that an ascended master holds and models to the world. Each of these principles opens the doorway to access a higher energy that holds a higher consciousness. All the principles are inter-connected. Used together they assist you in living a more empowered, conscious life. The principles reveal why you have the experiences you do and how you can shift your energy, habits, patterns, and belief systems to shift yourself into a more enjoyable, soul-aligned life.

Disclaimer: A session is not a substitute for a medical consultation with your doctor, they are supposed to be complimentary. For any medical issues, first please consult your doctor.