Doga Ozveren

MEIR OZVEREN Intuitive Coach

Meir is a British soul intuitive, energy worker and spiritual teacher based in London, UK. He is a natural born intuitive clairvoyant. Since 2010, he has been serving and supporting people on their unique journey to self-discovery and consciousness development through various spiritual and energy techniques. A session with Meir is actually a conversation with him and his spiritual guides.

Meir’s ancestral legacy comes from a spiritual linage. After completing his postgraduate studies, Meir had a profound spiritual experience; this guided him to study the ancient traditions under the tutelage of renowned masters, who contributed to his current wealth of knowledge. Later on, he embarked on a journey to discover new and modern spiritual techniques with teachers from several parts of the world.

Today, in his unique SOUL SCANNING approach, Meir integrates his natural gifts and knowledge with the following modern spiritual modalities: Inner Speak®, Seven Gateways, Cosmic Energy, and Sacred Activations. He is also the teacher of Inner Speak®, Spiritual Dowsing and 7 Rays.

The aim of Meir’s work is to help people be more fulfilled, self aware and happier by remembering who they are.

Meir consults with individuals and businesses internationally via online video conferencing.