MEIR OZVEREN Intuitive Coach

Meir is a spiritual counselor and a intuitive coach, based in London, UK. In his unique model, he integrates the scientific coaching techniques and spirituality, in order to provide a holistic approach to his clients.

Some of the modalities Meir uses are Theta Healing®, Access Consciousness®, Sacred Activations®, Inner Speak®, Kabbalistic Tools, Magical Awakening and Universal Energy.

In addition, he explored EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) and Mindfulness during his coach training course. He also studied Magical Awakening® Level I-II at The Celestial Earth Academy.

Meir is coming from a spiritual linage, and mainly the mystical path of Kabbalah. His first teacher was his grandmother. Later, he has studied this tradition under the tutelage of renowned masters. He has a great wealth of knowledge in Kabbalistic teachings and techniques.

His clients come from diverse backgrounds including artists and senior executives. He sees people from every walk of life.